Funny Pick Up Lines over Text 

Funny Pick Up Lines over Text 

Funny pick up lines over text are so many that we can use over text whenever we talk to someone we want to charm or attract. There are so many types of compliments that we can try out and get our luck amazed, and by talking about this, we always are confused with what we should write on while we are chatting or texting with someone.

There are so many varieties of this kind of text messages on the internet, and by this, we can scratch out what kind of DM’s we need and match out with the quality of our text. Considering this, we will talk about smooth funny pick up lines and help you out in an easy way.

When we try to get in touch and share our feelings with different people, we text on Tinder, social media, or other platforms. We constantly push them to be attached and attracted, and we also want to leave a promising class of us.

If you are talking to some guy you are attracted to, you can try flirty pick up lines for a boy. Trust me, we have got so many thoughts and ideas put together, and we get confused, so at that time, these kinds of flirty pick up lines are an excellent option to go, and this can get you back in time.

We have some options for you here:

  • Take a guess which emoji I think you are, wink.
  • I feel someone looks handsome; oh, it’s you.
  • “Hey, girl. Are you German? ‘Cause I wanna be Ger-man!”
  • I’m lost. Can you give me directions to your heart?
  • Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, I can’t rhyme, but can I date you?
  • Are you sure you’re not tired? You’ve been running through my mind all day.
  • Is there an airport nearby or is it my heart taking off?
  • There’s only one thing I want to change about you, and that’s your last name
  • Hi, how was heaven when you left it?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight or should I pass by again?
  • Was your dad a boxer? Because damn, you’re a knockout!
  • Do you have a pencil? Cause I want to erase your past and write our future.
  • Are you a dictionary? Cause you’re adding meaning to my life.
  • Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?
  • You must be a broom, ‘cause you just swept me off my feet.
  • You don’t need keys to drive me crazy.
  • Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears!
  • Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile.
  • Are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers.
  • Even if there wasn’t gravity on earth, I’d still fall for you.
  • Do you play soccer? Because you’re a keeper!
  • Hi, I’m writing a term paper on the finer things in life, and I was wondering if I could interview you?
  • Hi, I’m Mr. Right. Someone said you were looking for me?
  • Do you like Nintendo? Because Wii would look good together.
  • Do you smoke pot? Because weed be cute together.
  • I thought happiness started with an H. Why does mine start with U?
  • Are you a campfire? Cause you are hot and I want s’more.
  • Are you a banana? Because I find you a-peeling
  • Are you Netflix? Because I could watch you for hours.
  • Are you Jewish? Cause you ISRAELI HOT.
  • You may be asked to leave soon, you’re making all the other women look bad.
  • Are you lost ma’am? Because heaven is a long way from here.
  • I’m fighting the urge to make you the happiest woman on earth tonight.
  • Put down that cupcake… you’re sweet enough already.
  • Four plus four equals eight, but you plus me equals fate.
  • Is your dad a drug dealer? Cause you’re so Dope!
  • Smoking is hazardous to your health… and baby, you’re killing me!
  • Are you Hurricane Katrina? Cause you’re blowing me away.
  • If I told you that you had a great body, would you hold it against me?
  • If I’m vinegar, then you must be baking soda. Because you make me feel all bubbly inside!
  • You’re so hot, that if you ate a piece of bread, you’d poop out toast!
  • Charizards are red, Squirtles are blue, if you were a Pokemon, I would choose you!
  • I’m in the mood for pizza… a pizza you, that is!
  • Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see!
  • I would flirt with you, but I’d rather seduce you with my awkwardness.
  • There is something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn’t have your number in it.
  • When God made you, he was showing off.
  • If you were a booger I’d pick you first.
  • Excuse me, I think you have something in your eye. Oh wait, it’s just a sparkle.
  • If this bar is a meat market, you must be the prime rib.
  • Are you a magician??? Because Abraca-DAYUM!
  • My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can’t hold it in.
  • You’re so hot you would make the devil sweat.
  • I bet you $20 you’re gonna turn me down.

While trying this kind of pick up line, remember the mood or the person’s nature and then try if you don’t think about that, which may be considered trouble for you, my friend.

However, if you want to work smoothly, you can try out cheesy pick up lines. Now you will be thinking about what kind of pick up line this is, so; this one is the most straightforward way to impress someone after funny pick up lines. Smooth pick up lines will work for you in a way like nothing even happens, and the work is done.

How do I win her heart over a text?

You indeed have variety and choice for that, and yes, it is the easy way to try pick up lines for crush over text, and it will amaze your chances as a girl always wants some care and love in her life a bit compliment.

Also, again the cute pick up line for her will work too, and you can also choose smooth pick up lines for her and text her and try out to win her heart with love.

How do you flirt with a guy over a text?

To flirt with a guy over a text will help you truthfully if you will be using the funny pick up lines over text, so talking about that, you always need a fling in your words to attract more a person to you. You can try the pick up lines for him as they are for this reason only.

You should try to pick up lines to make him blush if you are crushing over him and want him to be attracted to you, and in a sense, saying something funny can also get the attention so you can try funny pick up lines for him.

We have made a detailed list of funny pick up lines over text for you

  • Excuse me, sire, there seems to be a case of heartbreak and only your phone number can fix it
  • Hey boo, could you give me your phone number, I bet it would look better on my phone than in your head
  • Hey gorgeous! Kindly add your phone number to my basket to make my order full
  • Help! I need your phone number in my Long Term Memory.
  • Your eyes are like IKEA… I can get lost in them.
  • You must be the guy who’s going to get me a drink.
  • Aren’t you tired running through my mind the whole day?
  • Do you play soccer? Because you’re a keeper!
  • Let’s flip a coin. Head, and I’m yours. Tails, you’re mine.
  • Let me tie your shoes, ‘cause I don’t want you falling for anyone else.
  • We should go out for coffee sometimes because I definitely like you a latte.
  • If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple.
  • Do you fish? Because you have me hooked.
  • Not even Snape could Severus apart.
  • If you were a triangle you’d be acute one.
  • Are you made of grapes? Cause you’re fine as wine.
  • Baby, you’re so sweet, you put Hershey’s outta business.
  • Is your nickname Chapstick? Because you’re da balm!
  • Is your name Dunkin? Because I Donut want to spend another day without you.
  • You must be a very important textbook passage, because seeing you is the highlight of my day.
  • Have you been to the doctor lately? Cause I think you’re lacking some Vitamin Me.
  • If I’m vinegar, then you must be baking soda. Because you make me feel all bubbly inside!
  • Baby, if you were words on a page, you’d be what they call fine print!
  • I don’t know which is prettier today—the weather, or your eyes.
  • Were we just talking? No? Well, can we start?
  • Babe, I would be your morning alarm.
  • Babe, if you can handle my cheesy pick up lines at night, you can definitely handle my morning glory.
  • Babe, you inspire me to my former glory every morning.
  • Babe, you made my day in the morning, my day is complete with you.
  • Babe, your beauty makes the morning sun look like the dull glimmer of the moon.
  • Baby you hit the snooze button better than anyone I know.
  • Did you have lucky charms for breakfast? Because you’re looking magically delicious.
  • Do you like blueberries or strawberries, ’cause I want to know what kind of pancakes to make you in the morning.
  • Do you want to be my morning? I could make you come after every night!
  • Don’t leave too early…the last thing I want to say to you before we part is Good morning.
  • Every minute spent with you tonight is a minute well spent. Good Morning.
  • Excuse me, I think I left my jacket on your bedroom floor. Oh, shoot. I messed it up again. That’s tomorrow morning!
  • Girl, would you like my special cream in your morning coffee?
  • Good morning babe, you are my sweetest dream come true.
  • How do you like your eggs in the morning? Scrambled, over-easy, or fertilized?
  • I can’t wait till the day I can wake up right next to you.
  • I feel like eating out this morning, want to come to my place?
  • I hope your morning is as bright as your smile.
  • I need you as much as I need my morning cup of coffee.

How do I make my girlfriend happy over a text?

To make your girl happy is tricky in general because while you are texting with your girl, you don’t know about her mood and gesture, so you always have to play very safely; there is no chance of taking risks at that point, my friend.

If you think that anything that is making her upset, you can try funny pick up lines for her, and yes, this works on both sides like; you can try this with your boyfriend, and you can try funny pick up lines for a boy too.

Final Words

Funny pick up lines over text work amazingly and help you come out from challenging situations, and make your way easy. Also, it helps to show you more sharp-minded in front of your boy or your girl.


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