Funny Spanish Pick Up Lines

Funny Spanish Pick Up Lines

Are you tired of getting your date spoiled by using junky pick lines? Then wait, these funny Spanish pick up lines can make your date fascinating.

The ones which excite you the extensively are always we adore, and these pick lines are one of them.

We use a pick up line to influence the person and look more charming. Most of the lines are good but are even better when we say in Spanish. So, It worth it to score a date.

Instead of listening to the primary opening line, we all want to hear some exciting one, and what would be the better option than a crazy Spanish pick up line.

The Spanish language itself is so attractive that you should think how much a pick up line would look stunning in that language. Considering how much it will influence that person on whom you are trying.

How do I sweet talk to my girlfriend?

An enormous thing that a girl notice is how you treat her. So you can sweet talk to your girlfriend by saying a pick up line in Spanish, which would be:

  • Hola, soy el Señor Correcto. Alguien dijo que me estabas buscando.
    (Hi, I’m Mr. Right. Someone said you were looking for me.)
  • Si besarte fuera pecado, caminaría feliz por el infierno.
    (If kissing you were a sin, I’d happily walk through hell.)
  • Si el agua fuese belleza, tú serías el océano entero.
    (If water were beauty, you’d be the whole ocean.)
  • Si Cristóbal Colón te viera, diría: ¡Santa María, qué Pinta tiene esta Niña!
    (If Christopher Columbus saw you, he’d say: Saint Mary, that girl looks incredible!)
  • Si yo fuera azafata, te llevaría en mi avión, pero como no lo soy, te llevo en mi corazón.
    (If I were a flight attendant, I’d carry you in my airplane, but since I’m not, I’ll carry you in my heart.)
  • Si tus ojos fueran el cielo y tu boca el mar, me gustaría ser el horizonte para poderte besar.
    (If your eyes were the sky and your mouth were the sea, I’d like to be the horizon to be able to kiss you.)
  • Quisiera ser joyero para poder apreciar todos los días un diamante como tú.
    (I’d like to be a jeweler to be able to appreciate every day a diamond like you.)
  • Ojalá fueras bombero para apagar el fuego de mi deseo.
    (If only you were a firefighter to be able to put out the fire of my desire.)
  • Ojalá la mitad de las estrellas brillaran tanto como tus ojos.
    (If only half of the stars in the sky shined as brightly as your eyes.)
  • Me gustaría ser lente de contacto para que no pudieras sacarme tu mirada.
    (I’d like to be a contact lens so you couldn’t take your eyes off me.)
  • Hola, soy el Señor Correcto. Alguien dijo que me estabas buscando.
    (Hi, I’m Mr. Right. Someone said you were looking for me.)
  • ¿Cómo se siente al ser la más bella muchacha en esta sala?
    (What does it feel like to be the most beautiful girl in this room?)
  • ¿Estás perdido? Porque al cielo hay un largo camino desde aquí.
    (Are you lost? Because heaven’s a long way from here.)
  • Hola, soy un ladrón, y estoy aquí para robar tu corazón.
    (Hello, I’m a thief, and I’m here to steal your heart.)
  • Hola, acabo de darme cuenta de que te pareces mucho a mi siguiente novia.
    (Hi, I just realized this, but you look a lot like my next girlfriend)
  • Si fuera Superman te llevaría volando, pero como no lo soy te acompaño caminando.
    (If I was superman I would take you flying, but since I’m not I’ll walk you home.)
  • ¿Hace calor aqui, o eres tù?
    (Is it hot in here or is it just you?)
  • Si te dijera que tienes un cuerpo precioso, ¿me darías una bofetada?
    (If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hit me?)
  • Crees en amor a primera vista, o debo pasar por delante otra vez?
    (Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by you again?)
  • Si la belleza fuera delito, yo te hubiera dado cadena perpetua.
    (If beauty was a crime, you would deserve life in prison.)
  • ¿Puedo comprarte una bebida?
    (Can I buy you a drink?)
  • Ésta es una canción excelente. ¿Quieres bailar conmigo?
    (This is a great song. Would you like to dance?)
  • Tienes una sonrisa muy bonita.
    (You have a beautiful smile.)
  • ¿De Qué Juguetería Te Sacaron, Muñeca?
    (What toy store did they get you from, doll face?)

Using these pick up lines would make her a little curious about you and allow her to think about you and desire you more. These pick up lines are attractive and fascinating to be used by everybody.

While talking to your girlfriend, you can also enlist Spanish pick lines for tinder and open up with some other dialogue. Trying pick up lines are a hassle free open-up and look a lot more promising too.

However, there are a lot of pick up lines for boys, such as pick up lines in Spanish dirty for guys; you can play smart here and turn that pick-up line and try out on your girlfriend.

How do you compliment a friend?

Complimenting the closest pals is a way to show them the love and assistance you have for them. You can cheer up their mood by saying a pick up line which most of us love.

Because a coating line is something, we often say to someone we love. In this situation, you can use a funny Spanish pick up line and make your friend’s day special; a compliment can add more to your list.

You can round off your friend in Spanish too. If it is a girl, you can go for Spanish pick up lines for her, or if it is a boy, you can refer to the Spanish pick up lines for him.

Also, sometimes it is fun to fool your friends into a joke and confuse them, and for that, you can try Mexican pick up lines in Spanish, and it is so simple you have to convert the same pick up lines.

Try the funny Spanish pick up line and enjoy.

  • Tu Papá Debe Ser Pirata, Porque Tú Eres Un Tesoro
    (Your dad must be a pirate, because you’re a treasure.)
  • Quo Signo Nata Est?
    (What’s your sign?)
  • Apudne Te Vel Me?
    (Your place or mine?)
  • Hola muñeca! A que hora sales por el pan?
    (Hello doll! At what time do you go out for bread?)
  • Quien pidió pollo?
    (Who ordered chicken?)
  • Tantas curvas y yo sin frenos
    (So many curves and my brakes aren’t working!)
  • Cuando te caiste del cielo, mi angel.
    (When you fell from heaven, my angel)
  • Si la belleza fuera pecado tu no tendrías perdon de Dios
    (If beauty was a sin, you would not have God‘s forgiveness)
  • Si estás así de verde, cómo estarás de madura?
    (If you are like that while green,what would you be like when you are ripe?)
  • Tanta carnita sin papita (Colombia)
    (So much meat without any potatoes.)
  • ¿Dónde venden los números para ganarse este premio?
    (Where are they selling the tickets to win this prize?)
  • Qué hace una estrella volando tan bajito?
    (What is a shooting star doing flying so low?)
  • Si el agua fuese belleza, tú serías el océano entero.
    (If water were beauty, you’d be the whole ocean.)
  • Perdí mi número. ¿Puedo tener el tuyo?
    (I lost my number, can I have yours?)

How do you ask for a number?

Getting your crush number isn’t hard but your cleverness plays then best role. You can simply ask your crush, or you can request that you want to speak intimately. Lastly, you can ask by using a funny Spanish pick up line.

Moreover, if you ask for a girl’s number, you must try to be close to her or hit her nicely and differently. Then there is a list of pick up lines in Spanish 2021 chosen according to the situation.

Indeed, there are many ways to ask for a number, but nothing is more promising than starting with a pick up line. Choose a funny Spanish pick up line and ask for it.


A pick up line is a magnet and attracts even more in a different language. We all know how extensively Spanish looks desirable, then think how much a pick up line would impact.

Trying any pick up line from funny Spanish pick up lines list is to impress someone is never out of the sensation. So don’t let a second thought enter your mind and heart. Just try it out and get your way.

A unique pick up line is always something that a particular person wants to listen to.

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